Problem: Thread and/or needle breakage.

Tip #1:
Be sure needle is inserted correctly. Flat side of shank to the back and long groove of needle in front and as far as it will go in the needle hole.

Tip #2:
Check to see if needle is bent, burred or dull. Maybe a new needle is needed.

More about needles later.


Problem: Skipped stitches often occur on lingerie tricot also spandex and lycra.

Tip #1: Try using a brand new size 70 or 80 needle.

Tip #2: If tip #1 doesn’t solve the problem use a Schmetz 705HS needle designed specifically for these types of fabrics. Size 75/11 is ideal.

Problem: Poor stitch quality on tightly woven fabrics, denims, all weather garment material and some of the home decorating fabrics which have been treated to be fade and wrinkle resistant or soil retardant. Needle and thread breakage is common also.

Tip #1: Try using a new needle in the appropriate size for the weight and texture of the material. If using heavy thread be sure to use a needle with a large enough eye to accommodate the size of the thread.

Tip #2: The Schmetz 705HJ needle is designed with an acute point to penetrate the material easily and will greatly improve the quality of stitches.



If you find that sewing all those rows of gathering stitches it takes to make ballerina outfits for little girls is just too time consuming and frustrating take a tip from me and get a cording foot for your sewing machine. This foot has a clip on the top to run a cord through then zigzag over it. You can use crochet thread, pearle cotton or even kite string if that is what is handy. Run the cord through the hole or under the clip, then use a zigzag stitch just wide enough to sew over the cord, not through it. Secure one end of threads and the cord by tying them together then adjust the gathers as needed. You may then remove the cord or leave it in, as desired. I prefer to leave the cord in as it gives the project more stability. Saves a little time for mom to do something for herself.