Accessories for Necchi Sewing Machines made in Italy
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These accessories will fit all Necchi sewing machines made in Italy.

seamguide_small.gif Seam Guide A sewing machine seam guide will help you sew consistent accurate seams. Will fit all Necchi machines. SKU: 55415


quiltguide_small.gif Quilt Guide Quilt fabric, Parallel stitching, Apply parallel rows of trim. Will fit all Necchi's made in Taiwan & Japan. Not for Italian machines. SKU: 5011-17


ndlh.gif Schmetz Needles Size 70/10 Universal (5-pack) SKU: 70H


ndlh.gif Schmetz Needles Size 80/12 Universal (5-pack) SKU: 80H


ndlh.gif Schmetz Needles Size 90/14 Universal (5-pack)


ndlh.gif Schmetz Needles Size 100/16 Universal (5-pack) SKU: 100H


ndlh.gif Schmetz Needles Size 110/18 Universal (5-pack) SKU: 110H


ndlhj.gif Schmetz Needles Size 90/14 Denim/Jeans (5-pack) SKU: 90HJ


ndlhj.gif Schmetz Needles Size 100/16 Jeans/Denim (5-pack) SKU: 100HJ


ndlhll.gif Schmetz Needles Size 90/14 Leather (5-pack) SKU: 90HLL


ndlhll.gif Schmetz Needles Size 80/12 Leather (5-pack) SKU: 80HLL


ndlhll.gif Schmetz Needles Size 100/16 Leather (5-pack)


ndlhs.gif Schmetz Needles Size 75/11 Stretch (5-pack) SKU: 75HS


ndlhs.gif Schmetz Needles Size 90/14 Stretch (5-pack) SKU: 90HS


ndlxh.gif Schmetz Needles Variety (5-pack) SKU: LXH


Double Needle Schmetz Double Needle ea.


b-c.gif Bobbin Case for Italian Machines For all Italian oscillating sewing machines. (not for rotary hooks) SKU: 20176400


27449_2.jpg Large Spool Thread Stand Cast Iron base large thread single spool stand SKU: 27449


ItalianZip-small.gif Zipper Foot for High Shank Italian Machines


L3 camstack sml.bmp Camstack for Lydia 3 & MKII Camstack (new) fits all '544 Lydia 3' & '544 MK II' sewing machines. _ _ (This fits ONLY '544 Lydia3' & '544 MK II'. It will not fit 544 or '544 Lydia' machines). SKU: 966509-310


Italian Hook Hook For all Italian oscillating sewing machines Hook (made in Italy) for Italian Machines For all Italian oscillating sewing machines. (not for rotary machines) SKU: 26327033


544-TU-lever.gif Thread Take-up Lever Thread take-up lever. Fits all 544 models including Lydia, MKII, & Lydia III. SKU: 166314300


177132200 Bobbin Winder Lever Bobbin winder clutch lever for Necchi 544 Lydia 3, Sylvia 582, 584, 586 Replacement lever for bobbin winder that is mounted on motor shaft. SKU: 177132200


Golden Needle Golden Needle for Basting 5 pack of basting needle. SKU: 705RH


Ital HS darn sml Darning Foot High Shank - for Italian Machines High shank darning foot. Used for darning and for free hand quilting. Fits high shank machines made in Italy SKU: 9350215-00


feed lever Logica 591 - 592 feed dog lifting lever SKU: 197605400


544 bobbin Bobbin 542, 544, Lydia, Lydia III 6 pack of bobbins for 542, 544, Lydia, Lydia III


NeedlePlate fixinglever Needle Plate Fixing Lever Needle Plate Fixing Lever, for Logica 591, 592 SKU: 197146000